Wholesale distributor
of steel joists
and metal roof decking

Fire tests prove that 3/4" of cement or gypsum ceiling plaster protects Republic "O-T" Open Truss Steel Joist Construction against high temperatures. The majority of insurance ratings bureaus have recognized the merits of this construction and have accordingly given it a first class fire resistant classification.

The economy of this construction is made possible through efficient production and the saving that its light weight effects throughtout the building in the supporting framework and foundations. Its speedy erection protects the original investment and minimizes the overhead expense. In the completed building, the permanence of Republic "O-T" Lower insurance costs and maintenance expense.

Easily Installed - Other features of Steel Joist Construction is the fact that it is light weight and speed of erection. The complete shop fabrication, the absence of form work and the minimum of field work makes this the most rapidly erected fire resistant kind of construction. Being self-sustaining, and number of floors can be constructed at one time. The joists can be used as a working platform to carry on other building operations.

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